Monday, August 1, 2016

It's hard to say goodbye...

Miracle, Alvin Jr., Alvin Sr. & Elder Goodrich
Elder Chemuru, Florence & Elder Goodrich
July 26-Aug 1

Transfers are tomorrow and we got transfer news on Saturday. I was
pretty sure I was leaving so I started packing on Thursday. We had a
rough week for our last week. Elder Chemhuru got sick on Tuesday but
on Wednesday it started to get worse. So on Thursday we had to travel
to the area office to see the area doctor. We got him diagnosed and
medicated and on Saturday we were able to go out again. It was mainly
just goodbyes though. Both Chemhuru and I are leaving so we wanted to
see and say goodbye to everyone we could. Wallin is also leaving so he
was in the same boat. Wallin is going to Oda (deep bush), Chemhuru is
going to Adoagyri (bush), and I'm going 20 minutes down the road from
camp to Kasoa (not bush). None of us want to leave. This has been my
best area by far and I can't bear to part with it. Hopefully things go

well in Kasoa and I don't miss the camp too much. I'm sad. It was a rough 
Little Harriett (Florence's daughter)
Kingsley and his baby daughter Goodrich

The Pig Roast!!

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