Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2 Decades.....

Missionaries in action!! Kaden's uncles comment was, "who took the picture?
The guy who stole his camera and was running away?!" 

Feb 21-27

Hey everyone. Another week down here in Mamponse which completes my first transfer here. That leaves me with 3 left to go but we don't need to talk about that. Transfers are tomorrow and as such we received transfer news on Saturday. My apartment is staying the same. Elder Bigler, Elder Jorgenson, Elder Gurr and I. However, the other companionship is being moved out completely and replaced with sisters. We will miss them dearly. As for the rest of our week it was tough but rewarding. We had a few tough days, Thursday especially, but we taught a lot of good lessons and made what we thought were major breakthroughs with some people. Turns out they weren't a major as we thought. We didn't get anyone that showed up to church. It was a disappointing ending to what I felt was a great week. Also in other news I guess I turned 2 decades old today. Everyone acts like its a big deal but it feels the same as yesterday did and tomorrow will and I'm still in Africa. Gurr and I are going to make big pushes in our area to boost things and see if we can't get a few people baptized before long. Hopefully all goes well with that. A big thanks to all of you for your support and unfailing faith in me, it makes a huge difference and I love all of you for it. Hope you have a good week and what not.

This women was scraping a piece of cow hide she will boil with some chicken to make a soup.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mamponse 1st Ward.....

Blessing and her daughter

Feb 14-20

Another week down here in the Mamponse 1st ward. Things went well for Elder Gurr and I. Since we have recently been struggling with having people to teach, we were on the lookout for new investigators and searched out some less active members. We ended up taking 3 different members around with us to show us where the less actives stay. We took Martin, Samuel, and Theo. I met Theo back when he was companions with Elder Kamisese when I first came on mission. Now he's in my ward and it's so much fun to see him. We got a lot done with those 3 and should be busy for a while to come. We are also trying to work with the ward leaders more. They are newer leaders because the ward is new and so we want to help things run smoothly and be of as much service as we can. We ran into a few obstacles there but we are figuring it out and what not. We had a fun day today at basketball. I still struggle but one day I'll be able to play half decently again. Nothing too exciting, hopefully next week will bring more news since we find out about transfers on Saturday. Until then that's about all I have. I love you all, have a nice week.

How did the chicken cross the road?!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Francis's baptism

Feb 7-13 

Well it's been a pretty good week I guess. Went on 3 exchanges and had a multi zone conference so I really haven't been in my own area much this week. It's sad but I had a good time with what I did. My first exchange was with Elder Bigler. He's in my apartment and he's from Idaho. We were in his area for the day. It was a little bit of a rough day but we taught one investigator that was sweet. Her name is Elizabeth and she is so ready for the gospel. I'm jealous of their investigators. For some reason we can hardly get anyone to listen to us but all of their investigators are super ready for the gospel. Oh well, we will figure it out. My next exchange was with Elder McFarland in my area. We were having a rough day with people just not listening and so we ended up getting after one investigator really bad. But we saw Bridgette, our one serious investigator. Then I went on another exchange with Elder Bigler. This time we had to travel to the area office to see the doctor because Bigler has a really bad ingrown toenail. He got it cut out but it got infected so we had to fix that. On the way back we got pizza to celebrate his one year mark and the fact that he is getting his injuries attended too. We also had a multi zone conference this week. There were 3 zones there. It was great. Elder Martineau gave a great instruction as did President Simpson. All in all it was a very edifying meeting. Saturday was Francis' baptism. It was sweet. He was so ready to be baptized. The baptismal service went off without a hitch thanks to our awesome ward clerk. He helped us a ton with the font and other details. He's the real MVP. It was a good week this week. I thoroughly enjoyed myself over the last few days. Well that's about all for this week.

Now those are serious pizzas!
Demonic Horns in your Family?!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Basketball and KFC....

Jan 31-Feb 6

Well it's been a decent week. We had some trouble with seeing and teaching people though. On Sunday afternoon we were completely overbooked and had 5 appointments for 2:00 and 3:00. Well every single one fell through. We went to everyone's house and they all said the same thing. Guess they're too busy to hear the Gospel. So we went to find others who did want to hear it. The rest of our week was pretty similar. Lots of us scrambling for people to teach. It's getting better though and we are building our teaching pool. Also we got our investigator Francis interviewed for his baptism this Saturday. We are pretty stoked about it. So he's all set for the baptism on Saturday. We had a fun day today. Got to play some basketball and eat kfc. We totally killed it at basketball too. My team only lost twice and we played 10 or more games. It was so sweet. We won 5 in a row our first 5 games. It was fun. Anyways not a ton going on. Hopefully more next week. Love you all.