Monday, August 15, 2016

Joseph and I...

Aug 9-15

What a hectic week. Sorry if this isn't a long email but I'm pressed
for time. So we are trying to rebuild our area. Our teaching pool is
small so we are working really hard to get referrals and work with
members more. My companion told me that before I got here he never
asked for referrals so they got one about every other week. This last
week we contacted 6 of the referrals we had received during the week.
It's been great boosting things and trying to find more people. We
also had a baptism this week for Emmanuella and Kofi. Emmanuella is 16
and the branch president's sister. Kofi is 10. It was a great baptismal service, 

probably the best I've had here in Ghana. We even talked a recent convert, 
Steven, who lives next door to Kofi to perform the baptism for him. It was 
fantastic. Also the highlight of my week was when we visited a recent convert
named Gifty. We visited her Sunday night. She prepared us the most amazing
stew and ampesy that I have ever had. Then afterwards, during the lesson, she
told me that I look just like Joseph Smith. She pulled out her Book of Mormon
and found the picture of Joseph Smith in it to compare it to me. I thought it was
pretty darn hilarious. So in case anyone was wondering what Joseph Smith looks 
like, just look at me. 
Elder Goodrich, Kofi, Emmanuella & Elder Herrod

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