Monday, August 15, 2016

Kasoa 4th Branch

Aug 2-8
Well I'm in a new area with a new companion. The downside is that I'm
only 20 minutes down the road so I still see all of the same things.
The upside is that I'm in a really cool branch that is really willing
to help with missionary work. I'm in the Kasoa 4th Branch. It's
different from anywhere else I've been by way of members. Half of the
members stay in the estates (really nice neighborhood with nice houses
and stuff, almost American like) and are very wealthy. The other half
are more the average Ghanaian that lives in relative poverty. It makes
things interesting. The families in the estates are funny. They almost
seem American in their mannerisms. One of the families doesn't even
teach their children Twi, they speak only English when they are in the
house, they only school in English, everything is English. I had the
chance to bless the sacrament this week. It's been so long since I had
done that and I almost forgot how to do it. It was really nice though.
We also performed in a surprise choir number in sacrament meeting.

When I say surprise I mean we were the ones surprised. We've been
going to choir practice but we didn't know we had to sing this week.
We played ball this Monday too. First time back at the temple site in 
like 4 months. I know my dad isn't happy I played but I felt it was alright. 
We had fun but I definitely missed Wallin. He's stuck in the bush for an
undisclosed period of time. Anyways it was fun. My companion is a cool
guy too. Elder Herrod from San Clemente, California. He went to BYU
for the summer and fall semesters before he came. We should have a
good time this transfer.

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