Monday, August 29, 2016

The choir concert...

Aug 23-29

I don't know what a slow week is by the standards of missionaries
around the world but our week was painfully slow. I think we only
taught 20 or 21 lessons or something. It was brutal. We had so many
interruptions it was insane. First was our zone conference on
Thursday. It was an incredible zone conference and it was great to
hear from the APs and President Simpson. They gave some great
instruction for us. But it absolutely killed our day. Then on Saturday
we had our open house which took about 4 hours out of our day there.
It was super good though just a little apostate. It was an open
house/choir concert and our choir master did some sketchy things. I'm
not sure if you've heard of charismatic churches but they are all over
here. They sing and dance and it's quite comical. Well basically he
took our choir concert and turned us into one of those churches. The
choir started singing and everyone was dancing and stuff. It was
pretty funny but not quite what we wanted our investigators
there to see as the church. It wasn't too bad though. Sunday was rough
for proselyting too though. We had tons of baptismal interviews to do
so that took our entire day. And we biked close to 10-15 miles on Sunday.
I'm starting to lose all the weight I put on in camp. Anyways yeah not
much of an email this week just kind of frustrating when nothing works
out like you wanted and you can barely get anything done.

Selfie on a bike!!

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