Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Babies, Basketball, Bugs and Baptismal Dates!!

Aug 30-Sept 5

Temple Trip

What a week. We did a bunch of different stuff. There was an exchange,
a trip to the temple, the blessing of a baby, teaching primary, and
singing Christmas songs for choir. Well first thing is first, the work
is going well. We are hoping to baptize 2 or 3 people this coming
Sunday but we'll see how the week goes and what it brings. Right now
it appears that Wisdom will be baptized along with Kingsford and
hopefully his wife, Mary. We aren't sure if Mary will be ready in time
for an interview though. We hope she is but if not then Kingsford
would be able to baptize her once she is ready. I personally think
that would be super cool! We also set up a bunch of baptismal dates
this week that should all work out. The people are prepared and ready
to join the church in the very near future.

Also I went on an exchange on Thursday. Well it started Wednesday
evening but it was for Thursday day. I went to Kasoa 1 (I'm in Kasoa
4) to be with Elder Jolley for the day. Jolley is part of my MTC group
but I haven't seen him more than twice in the last year. It was cool
to talk to him again and see what's been going on with him since I
last saw him 8 months ago.

Also we went to the temple on Friday! There was a couple and a man
from the ward we have been working with who were going through for the
first time. The couple was also being sealed. So we got to be a part
of that which was super cool. We also visited the area doctor
afterwards. Elder Herrod had a bug fly in his mouth the night before
and it was crawling up and down his throat. It even started to burrow
into the back of his throat which is nasty. We couldn't get it out no
matter what we tried so we went to see the doc. He couldn't get it out
either but it was dead by then so Herrod just had to wait until it

Church was fun. We taught the primary kids about missionary work. We
brought in our investigator, Kingsford, to help us teach by bearing
his testimony. Well turns out he used to be a school teacher so he
taught them for like half an hour and we did nothing. The guy hasn't
even been baptized and he's teaching primary! Like what the heck?! We
also had a baby blessing at church on Sunday which was cool. We had an
extra 20 people in our small branch so we almost didn't fit in the

Also our choir has started singing Christmas songs. It's the beginning
of September so I don't understand but I guess it makes sense. In all
honesty both Herrod and I probably won't be here to sing them at
Christmas but that's ok! I guess we'll just roll with it.

We played ball today for pday. We went to the temple site to play.
It's not the same without Wallin though. Nothing is fun without him
anymore. That's what happens when you and your best friend get
separated right? But it was still alright. I think I broke my finger
but I don't know. It feels like a fat guy dropped a bowling ball on
it. If you're wondering why a fat guy it's because it just adds to the
pain. I hit a handful of 3's, made like 2 decent moves, and generally 
just turned the ball over all day.  But yeah that's life!

Mud Hut

Storms moving in! 

Angela and her baby Kiki

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