Monday, September 26, 2016

Mystery Meat...

Teaching them young!
Sept 20-26

Well it wasn't a boring week for me it was just kind of bland. No
special little flare or anything too crazy just a normal week. The
most exciting thing was showing up at a members house to find her
hacking a goat head to pieces. When we asked what she was doing, she
looked up at us like it was obvious and informed us she was making
goat head soup. We saw her again that night and she said it was
delicious so I'll take her word for it. It got me thinking though and
there are definitely times when I get meat that I can't identify where
on the animal it came from. Suspiciously, the pieces she had looked
similar to what I've eaten so I've probably eaten a bunch of goat head
soup. I'll just add that to my list of cat, dog, giant rat, goat,
chicken feet, and mystery meat that I don't even want to identify.
It's a wonder I'm still alive. Oh well. We also got Kingsford's wife,
Mary, baptized this Sunday. We wanted to baptize them together but she
wasn't ready yet and we didn't want to postpone Kingsford's baptism. 
But she got baptized! Kingsford baptized her too which was sweet. 
He was worried about doing it though. He was worried he would drop 
her because he is ridiculously small and she's about the same size as him. 
He was also worried because the baptismal clothes are short sleeve. 
Kingsford has tattoos covering his arms and he didn't want them to show.
It was funny that he was worried about it but the branch president told
him it was alright. Also, Rudolf, the less active with dreads we have been 
working with, came to church again this week. He even said he wants to 
shave off his dreads soon! He said that part of his life is over and he 
wants to go all in with his coming back to church. It was sweet to hear 
him talk about it. We're working with a bunch of other sweet people right
now too and a few of them should be baptized in two weeks. They would 
be next week but we have general conference so there won't be regular church.  
One of them is a big chief from Kumasi that lived in Germany for 20 years
and his wife. We also have still been working with Angela and a few others
 as well. We just dropped a few people so our pool isn't too great right now, 
we need to work on it. Anyways that's a little peek into my life right now. 
Everything is good.

The Church


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