Sunday, October 16, 2016


Oct 4-10

Oh where to start. It's been a decent week. I have now been sick for 2
straight weeks and it absolutely sucks but the work is going well
right now. Next Sunday we will baptize 5 people. 2 of them are a
husband and wife that have young kids. The other 3 will complete
another family that is a part member family. We are pretty excited
about both of them. The 3 are a recent converts wife and 2 of his
daughters. He has 10 kids but only 3 of them are over 8. We already
baptized his one son, Wisdom, but the rest of the family haven't been
ready yet. This week the entire family, parents and 10 kids, walked an
hour through the rain to get to church. It was one of the most
impressive things I've ever seen. Then after sacrament meeting, the
father, Brother Lartey, came to us wanting to pay his tithing. He paid
10ghc. Then his wife, Mary, paid 10ghc. Then Wisdom came to us wanting
to pay his 2ghc. It was one of the most humbling things I've ever

witnessed. They were all so excited to pay an amount of money that 
though small is a large sum to them. The church is true!  I'm not sure 
if you knew that, but I know that. Nothing anyone could say or do 
could ever convince me otherwise.
I also had a lady think I was Asian this week. She came up to me
asking how much some Chinese money was. I told her I didn't know but
she just started flipping out saying I should know because it's my
money. I started laughing and said I'm not Chinese, I'm American. She
was at a loss for words and ended up not saying anything and walking
away. It was pretty darn hilarious.
Also I just want to say thank heavens for no bride price in America.
One of the recent converts in the ward is coming to get married now
and his bride price is ridiculous. He has to buy expensive gifts for
everyone in the family, enough expensive alcoholic drinks to get the
whole village so drunk they wouldn't remember what country they were
in, a ram (like a sheep ram), and a ton of stuff for his bride. That's
just the engagement part too! He's got a ton more too. It's so sad how
brutal they are to each other with the bride price. I don't know if
I've ever written about it so I just thought I would.
We went to the beach today. Went to a place called Krokrobite. It was
alright but it was too touristy and covered in trash. The beach in
Buduburam was way better. But I got a cool painting there so that was
sweet. Anyways that's basically my week.

Riding to church with the Stake President's family

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