Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Getting wet....

Baptism of Kingsford and Wisdom
Sept 6-12

It's the last week of the transfer. We've been working hard to try and
get everything ready in case one of us leaves. We have lots of
baptisms lined up for this next transfer. We have baptismal dates for
Rhoda, Mary, Mary Lartey, David, Kwaku, and Angela. All for within the
month of September. So things are looking pretty good for the area and
the work and what not right now.

Transfer news came this Saturday. Both Elder Herrod and I are going to
be staying for 6 more weeks. That means we'll be able to baptize all
our people together instead of one of us missing out. That will be
pretty cool.

We had a really busy week this last week and did a lot of teaching. We
also got members more involved in the teaching and taught twice as
many member present lessons as usual so that was fun. We also had a
baptism this Sunday. Actually we had two. Wisdom and Kingsford were
baptized this week. It was super cool to get them baptized and even
cooler because I got to be the one doing the baptizing. It's only the
second time on my mission that I've gotten to do that so I was pretty
stoked about it. I was so excited I forgot extra clothes and a towel
so I was wet for half the day. It was fun though.

We played basketball for our ativity. We tried to go to camp to
play but they had things set up for the Muslim holiday today. There
were something like 300 Muslims on the court. The holiday is funny.
They slaughter cows for it so you see guys just tackle a cow over a
gutter and go at its neck with a machete. It's gnarly. Very bloody.
Anyways, we played ball and then found an American shop for lunch. I
ate Pringles and washed it down with a malt. Then I bought a big box
of twix. Best buy I've made ever. But yeah that's basically my week.
Not too exciting I know but it was good.

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