Monday, September 19, 2016

Met an Apostle...

Sept 13-19

He has something for selfies on a bike!

Wallin, Prescott and Goodrich

Rudolf and baby Legend

Ok let me think of where to start. Let's start with Wednesday. We were
visited by an Apostle. Elder Stevenson came to visit our mission and
the Accra mission together in a mission conference. It was super
sweet. He talked to us about proselyting in groups of 3. He said we
should proselyte with our companion and to always have the Holy Ghost
as a third companion. It was super cool and he taught us things I had
never thought about or considered. Afterwards, we all got to shake
hands with him. It was sweet.

So this week we had a ton of new people start to pop up and all of our
old people start to progress really well. We have 8 people with
baptismal dates and more coming all the time which is super cool. We
also had 11 investigators come to church this Sunday. So the work is
going pretty great I'd say.

Also I had a cool experience on Sunday. In the evening we went to see
a recent convert by the name of Gifty. She was baptized just before I
came to this area. When we went to visit her she told us that she was
feeling sick. She asked us if we would give her a blessing to help
with the sickness. I got to be the one to give the blessing and it was
super sweet. I don't know how everyone else felt about the blessing
but I felt pretty good about it a thoroughly enjoyed myself. She also
fed us some super sweet waakye. It was a good experience for me to
give the blessing. I haven't done it in so long though so I was super
nervous. I just pray that she enjoyed it and felt the spirit.

Today we went to play basketball at the temple site and we had a great
time. I'm starting to get really sad though because Elder Prescott is going
home in a few weeks. I'll miss him. And I miss Wallin too. All my
friends are leaving me so I guess it's time to make new ones. Ok
anyways, basketball was fun and I'm totally out of shape. I knew that
before today I played for 3-4 hours and it really showed. By the
end it was physically impossible to slide paper under my jump shot. It
was sad. Guess it's time to start working out again. Anyways that's

all I have.  

Baby Monitor Lizard (probably lunch)

Stealing a kiss
He said it was delicious?

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