Monday, May 30, 2016

Little Miracles

May 24-30

It keeps raining on us all the time. On our way to pick up Mercy and
her friend for church on Sunday, we got stuck 50ft away from her house
because of the rain. We had to wait for it to stop and then wait for
the water that had built up on the ground to drain away so we could
get to her place. We got there eventually and she and her friend
Princess came. Princess wants to start learning from the missionaries
so we are excited to be able to teach her and teach her with Mercy. I
really want her to have a missionary experience to help build her
testimony. We had a cool experience Saturday evening. The group of
boys we usually play basketball with didn't come. We have a few
investigators that play against us on Saturday evenings. They didn't
show though. So we had the chance to play against some new guys who
then wanted to talk about the church with us. Usually it ends there
and they don't want to learn with us or visit the church. However
there was one young man, Paul, from Ivory Coast that came to church
yesterday. He's a great kid and I want to see the gospel bless his life. 
He is currently the only one in his family left in Africa. His parents and 
siblings are all living in New Jersey. He wanted to come to church on 
Sunday so bad that he even tried getting a few of his friends to come 
with him. I thought that was funny. Chemhuru and I are going to start 
visiting him this week. Our baptisms didn't go through this week. They 
won't next week either. The ward is having their temple trip and so they 
won't hold a baptism. I'm absolutely devastated for those who we have 
been helping work towards baptism that are now having to put up with 
these delays. I think it's more a test of my faith than theirs. Sorry this 
email has been a little all over the place. Just a few miracles from my week.
You may not think much of them and honestly I didn't at the time
either but now I see them for what they are. Every day it rained this
week we had thought it was going to completely destroy our schedule. 
However, by some miracle it would stop raining about 5 minutes before 
we ended each lesson and wouldn't start again until after we had started 
the next one. I'm no weatherman but I don't think that's normal at all. 
It happened on Sunday too. It stopped raining long enough for us to get 
Mercy and Princess to the church for sacrament meeting. I thought that it
was incredible. Seeing small miracles like this are what have made my 
mission so special. I've learned to recognize them and I hope I never lose 
that ability to see and understand the little things God does for us.

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