Monday, May 16, 2016


May 10-16
Camp buddaburam

This week I want to share an experience that one of my favorite people in the camp shared with me. This man is named Alvin and he is a 50 year old refugee or war from Liberia. Alvin's father was a very high member of the Liberian government prior to the civil war. When the war broke out, he was one of the only ones able to hideaway safely. They were staying at Alvin's aunt's house. After some time Alvin's father came to him and told him to take his siblings and hide them elsewhere. He said he felt something bad was about to happen. Days after Alvin hid his siblings, his parents were found, tortured, and killed. Alvin found them just hours later. As he went to bury them, the same men came back. They bound him and beat him nearly to death. He now has no top front teeth and a large scar on his head from where they cut him with a knife. For some reason they didn't kill him. He counts that as a miracle. Alvin was just over 20 years old at the time. He spent the next few years on the run through Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, and Benin with his young family. At the time he had two young children, Alvin Jr. and Faith. He eventually landed in Ghana. Since here he has had two other kids, Joy and Miracle, two cute little boys. However things are rough here for Alvin. As a Liberian, he can't find employment. Ghanaians don't like outsiders taking their jobs even if they are better qualified. Because of that, Alvin is unable to find a job even though he has a college degree. Occasionally he teaches at the local university for some extra cash but that isn't regular. His chances to do that are few and far between. Now he is holding off sending Alvin Jr. to college so that he can pay for Faith to finish high school. He lives in a 2 room brick house with a tin roof. It's so small you can't stand straight up in it. As Alvin told me this story while we sat in his house in the refugee camp. When he finished he then when on to tell me how much God has blessed his life. How merciful he has been to him. How grateful he is to have found this church. He testified of its truth to me. He told me this is a truth he would be willing to lay down his life for. Then he offered me a meal. One that I know he couldn't afford to offer but one that he wouldn't let me refuse. While we ate I asked if he would ever go back to Liberia. He told me he can't. They know who he is and they would kill him if he went back. Alvin has been kicked out of his country, beat, hunted, and now struggles to make ends meet. Yet I have never once seen him complain about his life. In fact, every time I see him he asks me what he can do for me. I am in awe at the great faith that this man has. He went from having so much ahead of him in Liberia to having next to nothing in Ghana and yet he has never once turned away from God out of frustration. This is a man that I have learned so much from and being around him has strengthened my testimony. I can say to you with a surety that I know God lives. I know He knows each and every one of us and I know He loves us. Because of Him I am here spreading His gospel to those who haven't had a chance to hear it in its fullness. I love my Heavenly Father and I want all of you to know that I know this church is true. I share these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
Kaden said that there are posters about God and Jesus in everyone's homes and businesses.  He said that the stores and food places all have religious names: God's Will Chop Bar or God's Will Electronics!  He said it is interesting because they really don't know who God is...they are confused by too many churches.  

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