Monday, May 23, 2016

And the rains came down...

The Camp
Anyone ready for a workout?
May 17-23

We had a lot of rain this week. Almost every single day we had rain.
The camp is a little dangerous in the rain. The roads tend to flood
and get washed out. That said, it wasn't the most productive of
proselyting weeks since we couldn't get to those we needed to see.
It's frustrating when things like this happen, and they happen often,
but it can't be helped. Not only was it tough to get to people, but
when we did they would tell us they were busy and that we should come
back another day. We ended up visiting a lot of members. I'm very fond
of visiting Mercy. She's fun to be around and very interested in
learning all she can about the church. She has even started trying to
do some missionary work amongst her friends. Because Elder P and I were the
ones to teach her everything and baptize her  I feel almost like a parent to her.   

I'm proud of what she does and hurt when things are tough for her. 
This missionary work she's doing isn't always effective. It brings her down and
I can see the toll it takes on her. That's so hard for me. To see this
young girl that I have helped to mold and shape and that I've grown so
close to, to 
be brought low because of the ignorance of others. It's times
like this where prayer becomes such a big part of my life. It's hard
to find just one specific thing to pray for out here. There are so
many little things you want to pray for that sometimes you forget the
one big thing that's really important to you. This week I prayed for
Mercy. I prayed she would feel God's love. That she would bounce back.
That she would stay strong in her new found faith. Through all this I
saw God answer my prayers and do it through me. I found more chances
to help. I became more of the tool that I want to be. So in this
fashion, my awful week turned into something beautiful.

Success & Godwin (Mercy's, our new convert, sister and baby boy)
Elder Wallin, Jean (a member headed off to college) & Elder Goodrich

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