Monday, June 6, 2016

I love to see the temple..

Ghana Temple

Elder Wallin and Goodrich
Pretty cool week. We got to go to the temple on Saturday. Usually
missionaries aren't allowed to go to the temple very often but this
week we received permission. President Snow told us that we could go
on our ward temple trip with our recent converts to do baptisms for
the dead. Since we don't get to go that often we jumped at the chance
and went. It was incredible!  I love going to the temple. I wish I
would have gone more when I was home. In other exciting news, we
finally got things in order for Florence to be baptized! I don't know
if anyone remembers but we have been trying to get Florence baptized
for some 6 weeks now but nothing ever seems to work. However, now it's
all set and as of June 11th she will be baptized! I'm so excited for
her to finally have this opportunity. Thursday was cool too. We got to help 

Mercy and her family move. Their landlord was kicking them out so she 
and her mother had to find a new place. Their new place is better in my 
opinion though. It's closer to us too. Helping her move was in a way really sad.
We carried everything in our arms and with 4 missionaries and Mercy it
only took us 4 or 5 trips. It just is incredible to see the way everyone lives 

and yet how joyous they are. I've never seen them complain about their 
living conditions except to say Ghana is too hot (Liberia is really cool and nice). 
For me that was quite the humbling experience. I took everything I had back 
home for granted and probably will again after I get home. I just never want
 to forget what I've seen here and the impact it's made on my life. I love these 
people and this country so much and it's my home now.  This is my home.
Elder Chemhuru and Goodrich
Spring chicken (aka FROG!)

Mercy and Elder Goodrich

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