Monday, May 9, 2016


I apologize for not sending an email last week but things were a little hectic with the cafes. These last two weeks have been hectic as well. Last week we were rushing to get 2 investigators prepared for baptism and interviews done. We got it all but the baptism didn't go through. We thought we'd do it this week too but that also didn't work so hopefully we get it all figured out next week. Right now we are working with Florence, Christian, Pauline, Success, Sarah, Joan, and Binky. We are also working with Mercy, Sammy, Joseph, and Alvin who are recent converts. There are some good things happening here and we hope to baptize a lot of people really soon. However, I will be doing so with a new companion. Elder P is going to be transferred on Tuesday. He's going to Swedru to be with Elder Broadhead and be a zone leader. He'll enjoy that but I'm quite distraught about this separation. I'm getting Elder Chemuru from Zimbabwe. He's also part of my MTC group. Wallin is getting a new companion as well, Elder Bingham. He's a cool guy and Chemuru is a really cool guy so we'll have a great time together. I feel bad though that Elder P and I worked so hard together to build what we have and now I don't get to finish it with him. But I guess there's a reason I'm not the one making transfer news. On a less sentimental note, there were obrunis (white people) in sacrament meeting this week. A cute blonde among them. So yeah that was weird. I hope everything goes well with this next transfer and what not.

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