Monday, April 25, 2016

Book of Mormon Stories

April 19-25

Well here we are after one more week. It was pretty good. Had a lot of fun and did some good stuff. This week we were finally able to get Mercy and Sammy confirmed. They weren't able to make it to church last Sunday so we had to wait until this week. Mercy's mom is also doing great. She's so anxious to learn and has asked us to come every single day to teach her. We brought her a Book of Mormon stories book on Saturday so that she can study the Book of Mormon better. Things couldn't be better here in the camp right now. On Saturday we are hoping to baptize at least Florence and Christian but Sarah might get baptized as well. We got to play some basketball this week and one of the kids we play with came to church on Sunday. It was fun to see him there enjoying with his friend. We played basketball today at the temple as well and then went to circle. It was a pretty good day. Well sorry this is so short, next week I'll lengthen it up. 

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