Monday, April 4, 2016

The Camp

March 29-April 4

Sorry guys this will be short. So I'm in my new area now, Buduburam. It's a Liberia refugee camp just west of Kasoa. It's such a sweet place. Some people have been here for 20 years now. Just this week we ended up with 14 people committing to being baptized in the next 4 weeks. Elder P said that when he and his old companion were together they were struggling. Yet as soon as I came everyone wanted to be baptized. That's the power of transfers right there. So far we've had a great time. My new companion is awesome and so are the other guys in the apartment. It's great to be here with Wallin. On Saturday we went to the beach after a service project. We have lots of service opportunities here.  They have better food here than anywhere else in Ghana.  That's mainly because I have fallen in love with Liberian food!  It's awesome here. We teach about 8 lessons a day in the camp.  The women and men's roles are reversed here.  The women primarily work and the men do not work.  The men have a hard time finding jobs.  We play cards with all the Liberian men and everyone In the camp knows the missionaries. I hope I get to stay here a while. I'll give you guys more details next week. 
Beach near Kasoa
Elder Wallin (another southern utah boy:Enterprise, UT)

Dinner with the Kubi family last night in Amasaman


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