Monday, April 18, 2016

Baptisms & Ball

April 12-18

It was a good week. It started off rough with an exchange with the zone leaders though. Tuesday night I went to stay at their apartment with Elder S. He's a good guy but really hard to get along with and so for most of Wednesday he was mad at me. However things picked up. With the exchange we were able to get some interviews done for a baptism on Saturday.

 I was really stoked for the baptisms. Mercy, Sammy, and Bernita were all baptized.  Mercy is a 16 year old girl who has grown up in the camp.  Her dad is a member already.  We have started teaching her mother and sister as well and hope for their baptisms this month too.  I was here for the entire teaching process of Mercy so seeing her get baptized was incredible. 

On top of an amazing baptism Saturday morning, we went and played basketball with an investigator that evening. There is a court in the camp and this investigator and his friends have wanted to play against us for weeks. The basketball is helping us build friendships and teach these men.  

We also taught a 17 year old man named Christian last week.  We were teaching him about prophets and the restoration of the gospel and he asked right then if he could be baptized.  He came to church with his aunt this week and said he knows this is the church he needs to join!  The Liberian people are so humble and seem to have a different thought process than the Ghanaians.

Next week we have a unique service opportunity.  We are traveling to a farm in our ward.  We will be weeding cassava (yams) crops using cutlasses (machetes).  I have come up with 3 reasons why I love the camp more than the rest of Ghana. 1-Basketball. 2-Liberians. 
3-Liberian Food. I'm in love with the camp and hope I never leave. 

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