Monday, April 11, 2016


April 5-11, 2016

Not much going this week. My companion and I were both sick MondayTuesdayWednesday,Thursday, and most of Friday. We had either food poisoning or malaria?!  We did get out Friday evening and Saturday. We saw those we are preparing for baptism this next Saturday. Not only will we get them baptized this week but to the temple the next Saturday. We have 16 people prepared for baptism.  I'm in love with the camp and Liberian everything. Liberians are hilarious. Ghanaians have the weirdest sense of humor ever but Liberians actually laugh at funny things. The Liberian food is 10 times better than anything else. My favorite food so far is palm butter and fried beans.  They play basketball here. Food is cheaper. Also Liberian girls are a little easier on the eyes. Everyone here is ready for the gospel too. I'm so excited to be here. Not only for the people but my companion and Wallin. We have so much fun! We play a game while we walk where you have to kick a rock through the others legs while walking. We keep track of points all day and then days won too. I'm just loving my mission right now and I'm hoping this set up here lasts a while. That's all for my week.

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