Monday, March 14, 2016

March 1-7

March 1-7

Tuesday. Best day ever. Rainy season has come and today it showed. Just as we were all walking out of the apartment, a giant wall of dust hit us. We ran to get our clothes off of the clothes line and take them inside. By the time we finished it was staring to sprinkle a little bit. That sprinkle turned into a rain that I could have easily showered in. So Kochevar and I did the most logical thing in the world, we put on our shorts or whatevers and went out to play in the rain. We played catch, laid down in the 4 inches of water on the ground, and climbed into our landlords polytank or water tank. It was so awesome. And it rained all day long. It didn't let up until late in the evening. Once it did let up we all went to the mall together and got pizza. It was a pretty great day. 

Wednesday. Again we got some rain. It kept us in most of the day this time and so we were only able to proselyte for a little while. We went and saw a few people but it wasn't to great of a day. Not much that we could do. Half days of rain just suck but full rain days are awesome. 

Thursday. We had our zone training meeting today. It was a "specialized" zone training though. The APs came along with President Snow and Sister Snow. They ended up kind of taking over the whole meeting. Liera said he had a bunch of stuff prepared, I saw him practicing it, but he didn't get to teach or say anything. The APs and President Snow just chastised us for 4 hours. I really want to support Snow and get on board with the things he's doing but he's making it so hard. He wants to change things abut the way we teach and do things but he isn't willing to go out and see what it's like to teach here. A lot of missionaries aren't happy about the things we are doing. I learned President Snow isn't from St. George though. After the meeting we ate dinner at the mall and then went on home. Because of the length of the meeting we got home really late and so we just got ready for bed and whatnot. 

Friday. We worked hard today. Since we haven't had a chance to do much this week we decided to step up our game. We did a lot today and even more in the evening. We didn't get home until after 9:00 this evening. I was dead tired and ready to just crash. We barely even ate because we were just running around like crazy today. Honestly it's all just a blur to me now. Fortunately there wasn't any more rain today. 

Saturday. Another busy day today. We started out the day by cleaning the chapel. Beall and I did our part by mopping everything. It was just us and 2 members of the elders quorum that were there to clean. It proved miserable but definitely worth it. Once we finished we biked out to Sapeiman to teach. We did eat lunch today so that was a bright spot. We almost got caught in a big rain storm. Right as we got to an investigators place it hit. We taught her and then prepared to go out in the rain to the next place. As we did the rain completely stopped. As soon as we got to the next place it started up again. This happening to us 3 or 4 times throughout the day. Our last stop was visiting the Kubi family and Bishop Sakpaku and his family. We had a great tine with them but it got late and we had to start biking home. We got home right at 9:00. I was really surprised that we didn't die on the ride home but we didn't. We had planned to stop and greet Brother James and Sister Matilda but there were white people in Matilda's shop so we got scared and just went home. 

Sunday. After church we basically just partied with Kochevar. We went to visit James and Matilda. They cooked us dinner and we all had a great time together. Once we finished with them we met with our land lord, Brother Amofah, and his family. They too wanted to have a small party for Kochevar before he left. We talked and ate snacks and spent a good chunk of time with them. Once we were finally all together in the apartment we just sat and talked to Kochevar while he packed his bags. Honestly it was a sad moment for me. 

Monday. Today we just had a lazy morning. Beall and I were supposed to meet a few guys at the West Hills Mall but we kept delaying it because I didn't want to say bye to Koch. I finally did and we went to the mall. After the mall we came to the cafe to email. I'm going to miss Kochevar so much. That guy has been a role model and great friend of mine since the day I met him. It's hard seeing friends leave. 

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