Monday, March 21, 2016


March 15-21

Tuesday. Today we went out teaching with a young man in the ward named Elvis. He is 15 years old. He was supposed to come with us to see a classmate of his that is our investigator, however when we got to the boy's house he wasn't there. He knew we were coming but still left. After that our next few appointments fell through as well. Elvis showed us a members place and then we went to visit his family. They fed us and we played some monopoly with them. It was a pretty fun night. I personally love spending time with members. Unfortunately Elvis and his family live a long ways away and we had to bike home in light out. It took us just over an hour but we did it and didn't die.

Wednesday. Today we went out to Sapeiman. It's a tough area, lots of JWs out there. But we wanted to be able to visit the Kubi family tonight. The Kubi family is probably my favorite in the ward. On our way to go visit them we picked up some drinks. Just a 1.5L Coke and Sprite. Sister Kubi made us some amazing rice and stew and gave us some of the Coke as well. When we finished all the food, she brought out even more of it. I thought Beall was going to have to roll me home. After we ate, Brother Kubi showed us some pictures from his mission and his travels. He has traveled most of the world. The only big place he hasn't been is the US. Again our ride home was in the dark and took is an hour or so but it was worth it.

Thursday. Today we went out to a place we've never been before. We got stuck there longer than we wanted to and ended up missing our dinner appointment with the Letsu family. We called them an hour before we were supposed to be there and explained so everything was fine, we rescheduled for another day next week. We got a little rain in the evening too. It forced us in just a little earlier than usual but it didn't effect our day much.

Friday. We were in most of the day. It rained all last night and again all morning. It kept us inside for quite a while. Beall never did get out but I did. Liera is having some eye troubled so Nyampong asked if I would accompany him to Ofankor so that he could do an interview. I took a break from my guitar practice so that I could go with him. We got there to find the man hadn't come home from work yet so we went to the mall. Elder Touhri and Elder Lambson brought the man to us at the mall once he got home. We all ate food and did an interview and just had a good time. I was glad I had the chance to go.

Saturday. It wasn't really an exciting day. We didn't get to see many people because most of our appointments fell through. But we tried. We were in Kpobikorpe for the day and we've really had struggles in that area recently. We more or less just bike in circles out there now trying to find someone to teach. We did have a fun evening though. We broke out our game of risk to quench our thirst for world domination. Unfortunately I got a bad spot to start and went out quickly. I used my newfound guitar skills to play and sing Viva La Vida by Coldplay while the others continued to play. If anyone is familiar with the lyrics of the song then you'd understand why I chose that one. If not then go listen to it really well and you'll understand the irony of it. I need to practice my risk skills so that I can kick trash next time.

Basketball at the temple site
Sunday. During church today we were given 3 referrals that will be baptized in the next 2-5 weeks. They are  2 young men and a young women that everyone thought had already been baptized.  As well as a woman who contacted us because she wants to join the church becuase of her friends that are already members!  These are people who are totally prepared and the only thing stopping them now is having to take the missionary discussions from us. With that in mind we are now trying to teach everything to them as quick as we can. It's going to be tough but fun. We went to visit the deacons quorum president's mom tonight. She isn't baptized but should be here in just the next few weeks. She knows everything, she believes everything, and she's ready to act now. I'm excited for her to take that step.   The rest of the evening I spent practicing the guitar and stuff.

Monday. We played basketball again today. We had a ton more people there though. I got to hang out with Reeves and Wallin a ton. I miss those guys a lot. But we had fun balling and then eating lunch together. We ate and then just sat and talked for a solid 2 hours. It's nice to get together and do that every once and a while. Afterwards Beall and I made our way home but we had to wait for the light to come back before we could cafe. And now here we are.

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