Monday, March 14, 2016

February 23-29

Feb 23-29

Tuesday. The wash lady came today because she forgot to come yesterday. We had to get all our laundry together and ready to be washed. I got lucky. I didn't think I was going to have clean clothes to wear but I found some. We went out to an area called Kpobikorpe today. We have a recent convert and a few investigators out there so we spent a good little while there. I feel like everything went well. We had a great lesson with the recent convert, Sister Becky. She has been reading from the Book of Mormon lately and since the new year we have been teaching her from it. We started at the beginning and now we are in 2 Nephi. We just hit the Isaiah chapters though and not only is she having a tough time understanding it, but we are having a tough time teaching it. That doesn't bode well for our scripture studies. But with the help of the spirit we were able to deliver what I believe was a strong message. 

Wednesday. Kochevar, Liera, and Nyampong left to go to a district council meeting today. So Beall and I went about our day as normal. I worked out again and ate and got ready for the day. I'm starting to work out morning and evening so that I can burn off all this fat that I've put on. We went out to Sapeiman today. We didn't have much luck with the people that we wanted to teach so we explored and contacted most of the day. Later in the afternoon we went to visit the Kubi family. Brother Appiah wasn't there but the rest of the family was so we spent some time with them. They own a bread factory so I'm sure you can imagine what they gave us to eat. Bread and malt. That's what they give us every single time we go there. It's a good thing I like malt. Beall is a different story though. He just tries not to spit the malt out while drinking. The Kubi family is awesome and I love spending time with them. 

Thursday. Not much exciting happened today. It was mainly just a lot of failed appointments. We were in Kpobikorpe and Pobiman today. I'm pretty sure we just ended up greeting everyone that we wanted to teach. When I say greet I mean we just knocked and said hi and asked how they were doing. Greeting someone is a big deal here. Neighbors will avoid talking to each other for years just because there was one day that they passed on the street and forgot to greet. So if we can at least stop and say hi, even if the person is busy, it's better than not seeing them at all. That's what we did almost all day. 

Friday. We were back in Sapeiman again today. We had a scary moment when we couldn't find any chop bars for lunch. We were looking for rice, it's one of the safest things to eat from a chop bar, but we couldn't find anyone selling it. The only food we could find was banku. So after much prayer asking for health and safety from the evils of chop bar banku we ate. It was only one of the scariest things that I've ever done in my life. After lunch we went out and tried to visit a less active member and a few investigators around him. We met these two girls in a shop that we taught. I don't think they're interested in the gospel as much as they are in white guys and having a half white baby. This evening we were able to go and find the house of our new bishop. He lives in Sapeiman but I don't think it should count as Sapeiman. It's forever and a half away from anything. We had another member show us the house. We got there just as it started to rain so we stayed and chatted for a while. I think the rainy season is coming back. It's a good thing too, we haven't had rain since September or October. 

Saturday. We again went to Kpobikorpe today. Thankfully we found rice today. We have a chop bar there that we eat at multiple times a week. They make decent rice, and by that I mean it hasn't killed me yet so it must be alright. We visited a few investigators that we haven't seen in a while. They were decently receptive but I could see why they were dropped in the first place. Really it wasn't too exciting today. Just normal. 

Sunday. Church was pretty normal. We had a couple investigators and 4 less actives come to church today. After church the Keele's came bearing gifts. They brought me my 3 packages that have been in the mail. I was so excited! Packages are beautiful. Just seeing that white padded envelope almost puts me in tears every time. I got home and opened them first thing. Beall finally got to eat fufu today. No one prepared it for us, we made it ourselves. It was so much fun. After church all of us missionaries went home to pound and prepare the soup. I must say, we pounded out some pretty dang good fufu and Nyampong made some incredible ground nut soup. We had fun, ate, partied, and got fat on fufu. Afterwards we were to meet some members for yet another meal. I think we could have just rolled home if we wanted. We slept well and full. 

Monday. We went to play basketball yet again. It was fun. We had a pretty good turnout this time and even some guys from the Accra mission came. Unfortunately Wallin wasn't able to come. It's always more enjoyable when Wallin and Barr come. Barr to is unavailable because he's way out in Winneba. Maybe next transfer we can get Barr and Martineau close enough to come again. After ball we went to the mall and ate lunch. We stuffed ourselves on chicken burgers and I drank some Mountain Dew from Dubai. Not the same we American Mountain Dew but still alright. After lunch we showered and went to the Internet cafe. I spent the whole time trying to figure out my new iPod so I didn't get my email off, that's why it's coming in this week. 

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