Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mamponse 1st Ward.....

Blessing and her daughter

Feb 14-20

Another week down here in the Mamponse 1st ward. Things went well for Elder Gurr and I. Since we have recently been struggling with having people to teach, we were on the lookout for new investigators and searched out some less active members. We ended up taking 3 different members around with us to show us where the less actives stay. We took Martin, Samuel, and Theo. I met Theo back when he was companions with Elder Kamisese when I first came on mission. Now he's in my ward and it's so much fun to see him. We got a lot done with those 3 and should be busy for a while to come. We are also trying to work with the ward leaders more. They are newer leaders because the ward is new and so we want to help things run smoothly and be of as much service as we can. We ran into a few obstacles there but we are figuring it out and what not. We had a fun day today at basketball. I still struggle but one day I'll be able to play half decently again. Nothing too exciting, hopefully next week will bring more news since we find out about transfers on Saturday. Until then that's about all I have. I love you all, have a nice week.

How did the chicken cross the road?!!

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