Monday, February 6, 2017

Basketball and KFC....

Jan 31-Feb 6

Well it's been a decent week. We had some trouble with seeing and teaching people though. On Sunday afternoon we were completely overbooked and had 5 appointments for 2:00 and 3:00. Well every single one fell through. We went to everyone's house and they all said the same thing. Guess they're too busy to hear the Gospel. So we went to find others who did want to hear it. The rest of our week was pretty similar. Lots of us scrambling for people to teach. It's getting better though and we are building our teaching pool. Also we got our investigator Francis interviewed for his baptism this Saturday. We are pretty stoked about it. So he's all set for the baptism on Saturday. We had a fun day today. Got to play some basketball and eat kfc. We totally killed it at basketball too. My team only lost twice and we played 10 or more games. It was so sweet. We won 5 in a row our first 5 games. It was fun. Anyways not a ton going on. Hopefully more next week. Love you all.

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