Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2 Decades.....

Missionaries in action!! Kaden's uncles comment was, "who took the picture?
The guy who stole his camera and was running away?!" 

Feb 21-27

Hey everyone. Another week down here in Mamponse which completes my first transfer here. That leaves me with 3 left to go but we don't need to talk about that. Transfers are tomorrow and as such we received transfer news on Saturday. My apartment is staying the same. Elder Bigler, Elder Jorgenson, Elder Gurr and I. However, the other companionship is being moved out completely and replaced with sisters. We will miss them dearly. As for the rest of our week it was tough but rewarding. We had a few tough days, Thursday especially, but we taught a lot of good lessons and made what we thought were major breakthroughs with some people. Turns out they weren't a major as we thought. We didn't get anyone that showed up to church. It was a disappointing ending to what I felt was a great week. Also in other news I guess I turned 2 decades old today. Everyone acts like its a big deal but it feels the same as yesterday did and tomorrow will and I'm still in Africa. Gurr and I are going to make big pushes in our area to boost things and see if we can't get a few people baptized before long. Hopefully all goes well with that. A big thanks to all of you for your support and unfailing faith in me, it makes a huge difference and I love all of you for it. Hope you have a good week and what not.

This women was scraping a piece of cow hide she will boil with some chicken to make a soup.  

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