Monday, January 2, 2017

Year of my Deliverance...

Animal Crackers!
Dec 27-Jan 2

Well in the spirit of Ghana and their all night cross over celebrations and all the pastors proclaiming the year to be something grand like year of my prosperity or year of my increase or things like that, I'm going to steal one I saw on a poster months and months ago. THE YEAR OF MY DELIVERANCE. 2017 is the year I go home and it's quite surreal. The time is just cruising. It's like watching sand fall through your fingers. You beg it to stop knowing it won't.

On a less deep and existential note, we had a great week. Some new people started popping up and we even had a new investigator come to church on Sunday. Also Eunice is finally ready to be baptized this Sunday! We are so excited for her! She's been ready for so long she just didn't know it until now. Not a whole lot else to report though, just more of the same. Jackson and I are having a great time together and working hard as we can. Anyways, sorry this is like two lines long. Love you all.

ANTS!! We don't mess with them!

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