Tuesday, November 22, 2016

When a white boy needs a haircut....

Nov 15-21

Well it was another slow week but definitely better than last week. Things started to pick up and we started finding more people to teach. One person we found was Abigail. She's living with a member and we contacted her when we went to the members house. She really wants to learn and accepted a baptismal date. Unfortunately she just left to go live at spintex for a few months. We were pretty upset about that but hopefully she will get in touch with the missionaries there. Other than her not too much exciting. Oh I guess I had a huge change. I cut my hair off. It was starting to get ridiculously long so I figured it was time. The problem is the lack of people that can cut a white persons hair. I have to go to other missionaries and even then the best I get is a butch job. It's rough. We also went on an exchange this week too. I brought Elder Paulson to my area. It was super fun. Took me back to my days when I was training Beall. Paulson has been out just a transfer and a half so he's still pretty fresh. I felt bad for him. I worked him hard on Thursday. We biked a solid 10+ miles. It was good for him though. He's only experienced walking so he needed to see what it's like to bike. I know that's not a whole lot but that's about my week. I'd let you know who we're working with but we basically just dropped everyone so there isn't anyone. That'll change though and I'll give you a better report next week. Love you all.

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