Thursday, December 1, 2016


The Inter Faith Choral Festival
Nov 22-28

Well it's been quite the week. To kick things off we had a multi-zone conference on Tuesday morning. We were given the wrong time by our zone leaders and ended up a little late but we didn't miss much. President Simpson and the APs instructed us. They told us to study in Preach My Gospel about Christlike attributes and the Plan of Salvation but we ended up just talking about the Book of Mormon the whole time. It was really good though. We also were shown the Light the World video the church has made for this Christmas season. I don't know if you guys have seen it or not but it's really good. We were shown it and instructed to show it to all the members and pass out to them the 25 Ways in 25 Days calendar. I'm super excited for all of it. So basically that's all we've done all week is show that video to members. Wednesday was also full of meetings for us. We had District Meeting in the morning and then we went about our day. It was a pretty normal day, just biking like crazy. Then it was Thanksgiving. What better way to celebrate it than by getting 5 Americans and a Nigerian together for a big dinner. We all met at the Kasoa 1 missionaries', Paulson and Evans, apartment. Jolley and Udo met us there as well. We had quite the meal. We roasted 2 chickens, had mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, stuffing, mixed fruit, apple drinks, bread, and pies for dessert. It was a masterpiece of a meal that we prepared together. The only downside to the day was I tweaked my bad knee again and almost couldn't get home. Luckily we were taking a taxi. But that meant the next day was completely shot. We ended up using it to pay off our light bill. However that quickly turned south as we found out that it had never been paid and was now a GHC3000 bill. So now we have to deal with that which sucks. Besides that we've just been going around showing everyone we can the Light the World video. If you haven't seen it you need to look it up right now. It's fantastic. Just to end I want to share something small for Thanksgiving. My favorite scripture is Alma 30:44. I read it on Thursday and it talks about how everything denotes there is a God. Not only does everything denote there is a God, but I want to take it one step further. How many people look at all of God's creations and are thankful for them all? Down to the last blade of grass or speck of dust? Nothing is too small or insignificant to be forgotten or pushed aside. All of it was created for a purpose. All of it was created for us. Don't take it for granted, revel in the beauty that is this mortal existence and recognize the hand of God in all of it and you'll find life to be much more beautiful. I make that promise to you because I've experienced it myself. Well that's all I have for this week.

Elder Jackson & Goodrich and someone's little hand!

How did you cook your Thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving 2016

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