Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rudolf's haircut...

In honor of election day!  
November 1-7

Well this week was a definite improvement on last week. We actually got to teach some people which was nice. We are still having problems expanding our teaching pool but the people we do have are starting to progress. We extended 4 more baptismal dates this week. That got me excited so we'll see how things pan out. We also had a bunch of crazy and funny stuff happen this week.

First was Rudolf. We went over to Kingsford's house on Tuesday night and decided to give Rudolf a call to come over. A few minutes later we heard a knock on the door. Assuming it was Rudolf, Kingsford called for him to come in. Sure enough it was him, but he was missing something. Rudolf had cut off his dreadlocks. Just completely shaved them off. I was so surprised and excited for him. He had made a deal with one of the members, Sister Brown, that if he cut his dreads off she would teach him how to make bead ties. So now Rudolf is clean cut and learning a trade that could provide a large sum of money that he currently lacks.

Second is that Kingsford is moving. His landlord is kicking him out because Kingsford caught him trying to steal money from all of the tenants. It's pretty stupid. The guy wouldn't even give Kingsford the mandatory 3 months to find a new place to stay. He gave him a week. So today Kingsford is moving out and into the Kasoa 5th ward. I'm pretty sad about it. I'll miss him and his family. Rudolf is pretty upset too. He keeps saying how much he's going to miss Kingsford once he's gone. Basically that was really sad.

Also we finally set a baptismal date with Eunice! She's a members wife. He's a returned missionary and the ward clerk but she isn't a member. She's been learning with the missionaries for months now but keeps saying she's not ready. She says she knows it's true but isn't ready to be baptized. Well last night I tried again and she said she's ready. She asked if she could choose the date though so we let her. She said January next year! I almost fell out of my chair. But hey at least it's a step! I'm just glad she accepted a date haha.

Anyways that's about all to my week. Tonight we are going for cooking lessons from a member. Going to learn to make garden egg stew tonight! Also going to cook ampesy. Probably my favorite food in Ghana, ampesy with garden egg stew. So freaking good. Anyways that's all for me so next week.
The resident baby wall gecko

Monitor Lizard for dinner!

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