Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The Lartey Family
Oct 11-17

Well it was a good week. That's it, that's all I have to say. Thank you.

Nah I'm kidding. It was a sweet week though. We were finally able to
baptize the rest of the Lartey family. I don't know if you remember
the small boy we baptized with Kingsford, his name is Wisdom. His
father was the first to join the church and he wouldn't let us baptize
his kids for a long time. Finally he let Wisdom but his two girls that
are 16 and 14 he wouldn't let. We started teaching his wife too and
once she was ready for baptism we asked again if the daughters, Beauty
and Suzzie, could join her and he said yes. So in Sunday I had the
privilege of performing that sacred ordinance for Beauty, Suzzie, and
their mom Mary. Nana Red and his wife were supposed to join them for
the baptism but we had to push it back a week. So next week they'll be
baptized. As for the rest of the week it was a lot of biking back and
forth and staying super busy. On Thursday I had an exchange with Elder
Evans. He's a super cool guy from Chicago. We had a total blast
together. Exchanges are good because they break things up a little bit. I
t's hard staying with just one person 24/7 and not having anyone else in 
the apartment with you. Transfers are next week though. We get news
 this Saturday and I find out if I'm going to stay or go and who I'll be with 
for the next 6 weeks. We played ball today too. I still have a jump shot 
too in case anyone was wondering. I lit it up today. Not sure that I ever missed.
I also had to say goodbye to Prescott today. He goes home next Tuesday
and I won't see him between now and then. Everyone I know is going
home. Soon it's going to be just me. That's basically all. It was a
normal week just busy. Everything is cool with me here in Africa.

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