Tuesday, July 5, 2016


June 28-July 4

Well to start, happy birthday America. Sorry I couldn't be there to
celebrate it with you by lighting stuff on fire and generally acting
like a pyromaniac. However, Wallin and I are doing the next best
thing. Hot dogs with Lays potato chips. Seems fairly American. Then
I'm going to drink a bunch of malt. This week has been somewhat
interesting. I hadn't seen anyone in our area in two weeks so I'm
pretty sure they all thought I was dead. Everyone was excited to see
me and I was even more excited to see them. This week we spent some
good time with Brother Christopher and his family. He's a Liberian
living in the camp. He gave us a ton of referrals (mostly his family)
and I'm positive they'll all be baptized in the near future. We also
spent some good time with Mercy this week. I've been in this area
since the end of March and this week I finally met Godwin's father.
Godwin is Mercy's son. We also got the chance to meet President and
Sister Simpson this week. They held a zone conference with us on 

Thursday. I didn't get a chance to talk to him much personally but 
he seems like a really cool guy. He has a really thick Australian accent. 
My personal opinion is that he sounds like the pelican off of finding nemo. 
He's a sweet guy though, I'm excited to have him here as my mission 
president for the last half of my mission.

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