Monday, July 11, 2016

Exchanges with Burt....

July 5-11

It was a little bit of a slow week for us. Almost every appointment we
had this week fell through. So we spent a lot of time with members and
a lot of time just walking from place to place. I guess it was some
good exercise. The highlight of my week was an exchange with Elder
Burt. I had to go spend Friday night as his apartment and then we
spent Saturday together. Packing things for the night and next day is
a pain because you have to carry it all, however it's necessary.
Saturday was a great day. Burt and I hardly saw anyone and mainly just
walked around all day due to more failed appointments, but it was
still a great day. The few people we saw were amazing. We extended a
few baptismal dates and everyone we extended them to accepted. It was
fun. As we went around we just had fun, joked, and got to know each
other better. We spent the day with Jackson Appiah too. He's a member
in the first ward that served as a ward missionary with Asumani when I
was in Amasaman. We closed the day but sitting down at Jackson's mothers

shop and drinking malt together. It was Burt's first Magic Malt and my one millionth, 
kind of a big deal for us. I think it was a good break for Burt. He's been with Dy
for almost 4 transfers now and they've struggled recently. I was
glad I could help him and give him a break from the daily monotony.
Hopefully we can do it again sometime. Anyways, that was kind of my
shining moment this week, bringing a little joy into Burt's life.

Sister Appiah's shop

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