Monday, June 27, 2016

I hate my knee...

Another day in the neighborhood
June 21-27

My week really was quite awful. The previous week the whole apartment was sick so we didn't get to do hardly a thing, then to cap that off I hurt my bad knee at the start of this last week. When I say hurt I don't mean that I tweaked it a little and it was sore, I mean it went out on me and I couldn't walk for a couple days. For a while I thought that I was going to have to come home for sure. I thought my ACL went out and I was going to need surgery on it again. Yet here I am, a few days later, with minimal swelling and minimal pain. Not only is it a miracle, but one very close to my heart. My knee is something I don't like to mess around with, in fact it scares me to death when anything happens to it. So to heal this quickly so that I can continue working is such a tender mercy to me. At church on Sunday, all of the people that Chemhuru and I usually see were asking me if I was alright. I wasn't able to go out and teach this week so Wallin and Bingham were kind enough to take turns going out with my companion. Chemhuru told 
everyone I was injured and they were genuinely concerned about me. The love I have been shown this week has been incredible. I know the Lord was watching out for me this week. I testify that he is there for all of us whenever we need him.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, 

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