Monday, February 1, 2016

Ward Choir, Wrecks & Malt

Jan 26-Feb 1

Tuesday. We had a sweet day today. Things started out slow though. We went to find a recent converts new shop and taught her after we did. It was tough to find, but after we passed it for the 3rd time she saw us and flagged us down. After we left her we had to make our way back to the other missionaries area. The ECG (Electric Company of Ghana) has an office that is almost on the border of our areas so that is where we went. We had to go pay the bill for our light (power). We had to wait at the office for some time due to a line of people. We got in, paid, and then went to find lunch. After we ate we went to teach David and his sister, Bell. Much to my surprise, David accepted our invitation to be baptized and seems eager to become a member of the church. He's 15 so it might be a little tricky getting it to happen soon but we'll work our best on it. His sister is also very interested so hopefully she'll get baptized with him. A short while after dark we were forced to turn in for the night. We went home and got dinner fixed and settled in for the night. 

Wednesday. We didn't have district council meeting today. Mostly because Kochevar and Liera went to one in Nsawam. But another factor was that we still don't have a district leader. So Beall and I just chilled and studied instead of having district council meeting. We did a lot of running back and forth today. We has appointments in Mayera and Kpobikorpe but they were mixed together. We didn't have a whole lot of time to stop and breathe. We were able to meet with Pius. He is a recent convert who has been bringing his brother to the church. The brother, Isaac, has expressed his desire to be baptized so we are now trying to work with him and set up a date. He's ready so we hope it will be sometime soon. We also went to PEC tonight. One thing we want to work on as a ward is knowing where every single member stays. That will be my new project for the next week or so. They want us to teach the missionary lessons to the members and then get referrals from them. It seems like a good idea and I want to give if a try. 

Thursday. We spent the day in Sapeiman with one of the young single adults in the ward. His name is Raymond. We don't know that area at all so we asked him to take us around and show us where members live and where old investigators stay. We had only planned for a few hours with him but we ended up spending all day in Sapeiman. We found multiple less active members and saw some people that the missionaries were teaching before that we didn't know. It looks like Sapeiman, which Asumani hated, could easily become our best area. While we were out there we went to visit Brother Appiah Kubi. He is the ward choir director and so he roped us into going to choir practice and joining the choir. When we went to choir, we were forced to sing bass. With my wonderful singing voice I quickly became the star of the choir. By that I mean they tolerated me and didn't ask me to leave, I think that means my voice is improving. We had a fun time at the choir and afterwards we made our way home. I bought some Magic Malt on the way home. This is a brand if malt that I've never had but heard that its the best. I am now an addict. A few days ago I tolerated malt but now I crave it. 

Friday. We had a rough day. I woke up to find my tire flat. When I pumped it up it held though so that was good. We went out to teach in spite of my bike but we had a tough time getting anyone to listen. We had a lot of different people to see and they were all spread out. We biked from one place to the next just for everyone we saw to tell us they were busy and that we should come another day. Finally, very frustrated, we broke for a late lunch. It was there while we were eating that we were approached by a few different people wanting to know about us and what we do. We asked them if they were willing to wait while we finished eating so that we could teach them. They agreed and very shortly thereafter we were engaged in a very sweet lesson. These men that we were teaching were interested and seemed to grasp all concepts that we brought forth. That was really the only high point of the day because the rest of the day went much like the beginning and we went home frustrated and angry. Days like that are rough and really take a toll on me. 

Saturday. Today was another day of finding members houses but today it was done in Pobiman and Satellite. Both places are about as far as you can go in our area. They're right on the edges but they're full of members. We spent a good portion of the day wandering around until I recognized something familiar and could find the members house. I have to admit that I was just a little too proud to admit that I couldn't remember where they stayed. That pride caused me to say I knew and the caused me to wander around looking for it. We did find all of the members without help so I felt justified. One member, Brother Letsu, took us around to show us some people the missionaries were teaching before. Our teaching pool has quadrupled over the last few days just because of members showing us old investigators that want to learn again. We had choir practice again today and once again I got a malt on the way home. 

Sunday. We were almost late for church today because I forgot to polish my shoes and iron my shirt last night. It made for a rough morning. I was trying to do more than one thing at a time. I was cooking and ironing at the same time as well as polishing and eating at the same time. I certainly hope I didn't eat any polish otherwise I'm going to be hurting. We did make it on time and were there to greet most of the members as they came in. Unfortunately, for the second week in a row, we didn't have any investigators at sacrament meeting. Since Asumani didn't leave us with anyone serious, we've had a tough time finding anyone that wants to come to church. On the way home from church I wrecked on my bike and tore up my shirt, name tag, part of my leg, and most of my arm. It hurt pretty dang bad and since I was bleeding fairly heavily we just went on home. We didn't go out again, I was a little too banged up for that. I ended up shredding my left arm and my shirt. 

Monday. Today sucked, we had to go in to the mission office so that Elder Beall could get his non-citizen ID card. We spent the whole day in our priesthood and were stuck at the office for hours. On top of that we got lost today. We were trying to take a tro to the Achimota Mall but the guy thought we wanted to go to the Accra Mall. We ended up on a tro tro going deep into the heart of the Accra Mission. It was a little scary for a moment but we found our way back alright. We got to the cafe really late tonight though which is lame. 

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