Monday, February 15, 2016

This week...

Feb 9-15

Tuesday. We had a normal day but a really fun evening tonight. The day wasn't anything too special. We got up. I exercised a little bit because I'm getting really fat. We studied and what not. We taught. Our teaching wasn't anything great today. Things were looking good about 2 weeks ago but now everything is falling apart again. We can't seem to find any investigators that are serious. It's been a real struggle for me. Once it gets dark we can't teach. You have to have an appointment set up in order to do anything after dark but our lack of people to teach prevents us from having that. We are advised not to contact after dark and for good reason. I tried it once and it wasn't a good experience. So we took a break to meet Paddon and Lambson for pizza. The mall has a deal on Tuesday nights where you get 2 large pizzas for the price of 1. We took advantage and enjoyed. It was nice to have a little break. 

Wednesday. We had a good long study today. I don't know if I'm leaving this transfer (I find out on Saturday) so I'm trying to do as much of the training as I can before then. Again things just went to pot on us today. Appointments fell through and investigators didn't keep commitments, as usual. I'm starting to get really frustrated with the people in my area. All I want is for them to accept the gospel and see the truth. Unfortunately they're all too stubborn or blind or lazy. The lack of things today made us turn in a little early again tonight so I took advantage and exercised again. I really need to lose weight. I have to be pushing 165lbs right now. I was 150lbs when I came out. That's almost as frustrating as the people not listening. Maybe they won't listen to me because I'm fat! We'll see what happens when I slim down again. 

Thursday. I don't know about Beall, but I had a horrible day today. Unfortunately we were unable to go out and proselyte because I got a little sick. I wasn't laid up on my bed or dying or anything, I just had some horrible runny tummy. I spent more than half the day in the bathroom. We could have gone out and tried but due to a lack of bathrooms and a need to use one every 15 minutes I felt it best that we not. I hope it was just something I ate and not anything worse. It's common for missionaries to eat something really hot here and then run for a day or two. Hopefully that's all it is and I'll be back at it tomorrow. Other than spending most of my day in a dead sprint to the bathroom it was uneventful. 

Friday. It was a pretty fun day. We did our studies in the morning and then prepared to go out. On our way out the door we started throwing plastic bottles at each other. That escalated to us using lacrosse sticks to throw the bottles. That quickly became us throwing the lacrosse ball with the sticks. We would fight over the ball and try to get enough space to drill the other person. It was so much fun. It set a fun mood to the day and so we had a good time. We were very friendly and able to joke with most everyone. I believe that helped us to get certain people to talk to us. Our lessons were upbeat and positive as well. I don't know about my companion but I had a good day and I think we taught well. 

Saturday. What a crazy day today. We went out to Sapeiman today. It's a ridiculously long bike ride to get there. We got there tired and hungry so we took a quick break for lunch. After lunch we hit the area hard. We taught and visited members and generally just enjoyed our time with the people. We spent a good amount of time with Brother Appiah Kubi. They own a bakery so we talked while eating fresh bread and yogurt. He has such an awesome family and we love spending time with them. They were our last stop of the day. Brother Appiah Kubi reminded us of choir practice so we biked hard to beat him to the church so we would be ready for it. After choir we went to the cafe to check for transfer news. Nothing is changing for Beall and I right now. We will stay together for 6 more weeks. However there are big changes for Kochevar. He got a phone call from President Snow tonight. He has been reassigned to go serve in Sierra Leone. He'll be leaving on March 8th. Until then, he and Liera will be in a threesome with Elder Nyampong. Nyampong is going to be the new zone leader and replace Kochevar. I'll miss Kochevar when he leaves. So far he's my favorite companion. 

Sunday. We all got up and got ready, nothing special. We are all still freaking out about Kochevar leaving for Sierra Leone though. None of us saw it coming. I'm honestly quite jealous. I think that would be the coolest experience ever but my parents would die with worry. It's a good thing I'm not going yet. Tonight we celebrated a member's birthday. Sister Matilda turned 39 today. We ate food, had some drinks, ate dessert, sang happy birthday, and just had an awesome time. After that we did first aid on Liera's infected finger. That was fun for us and scary for him. After that Kochevar gave us haircuts. Mine looks great as always so that's cool. Yeah it was an eventful Sunday

Monday. We finally played basketball again. I was starting to think we never would. I got to chill with Barr and Wallin again. I miss those guys. Wallin brought me some real Dr. Pepper today. I was so excited! I haven't had any for almost 7 months now. He gave me 4 cans. After ball we all went to the mall together to eat. We spent a good 4 hours just talking at the mall. It was awesome. I think Beall enjoyed hearing some mission stories and talking to missionaries more like he and myself. So far the ones he's interacted with have been a little more on the odd side of the spectrum. After lunch we just went to the cafe to do some emailing. It's been an awesome pday. 

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