Monday, February 22, 2016

Sick Week...

Feb 16-22

Elder Goodrich emailing home!
Tuesday. Transfer day. Kochevar and Liera had to go around and help a few people get from one area to the next. Our zone got really mixed up. They whitewashed a couple of areas and moved a lot of people. While Kochevar and Liera were gone, Beall and I did our studies and straightened things up around the apartment a little. Right as we were going to go out, Ben came by to drop of a few sleeping pads. Those pads will be Kochevar's bed for the next 3 weeks. We went out for a really short amount of time and just saw a few recent converts. I wanted Beall to meet Nyampong and hear all 3 of them swap stories and whatnot. I remember I loved hearing mission stories when I was in my training. We spent the night just talking and having fun. We took my putter and played mini golf in the apartment. I didn't know miniature golf could get so intense but clearly it can. All in all it was a really fun evening. 

Wednesday. Kind of a rough day. We went out and we taught a few people but I didn't feel good all day. I've had a little bit of a stomach ache lately and it started to get worse today. So while going out and teaching and seeing people was great, I felt ineffective because of my state. We ended up coming home in the early evening because I felt sick. 

Thursday. Sick day. We stayed in the apartment all day today. Well Beall stayed in the apartment, I stayed in the bathroom. We tried to go out at one point and made it 10 minutes away from the apartment before I needed to turn back to use the bathroom again. People might think that you can just knock on someone's door and ask to use their toilet, that doesn't work. Most people don't have toilets, they have holes in the ground and no toilet paper because they use their hand. It's messed up. I've used a hole once and I won't go back. 

Friday. I felt better so Beall and I went out to see as many people as we could. I think we might have had some bad food for lunch though. We ate rice and stew with an egg. I don't think it agreed with Beall because just a few hours later he felt a sudden urge to throw up in the nearest gutter. I worked on getting him home fast enough that he wouldn't throw up and yet slow enough that he wouldn't throw up. I don't know if that made any sense. Thinking isn't a strong point of mine now that I've been here for 7 months. Anyways, we got Beall home and he went to sleep around 7:00. I felt bad for him. This is his first time getting sick here in Ghana. I remember how homesick I got when I first got sick. It really sucks. Hopefully he's feeling better tomorrow

Saturday. He wasn't feeling better. Ok he was feeling a little bit better but he still had some bad nausea. Bad enough that he didn't eat anything all day. Nyampong or Liera, one of them, wasn't feeling so hot either so they stayed in too. Finally we all got so dang hungry that Kochevar, Liera, and Nyampong went to get food from Chicken Inn. They brought us back food and Beall finally ate. I still feel so bad for him. He hasn't really gotten better today. Still just walking around looking like death. We played a little soccer tonight in the compound and I ended up messing up my big toe. Long story short I lost my toenail which really stinks. 

Sunday. We got a new bishop today.  He works at the MTC and we know him really well.  He will do an awesome job.  It was our ward conference. Other than that it was just a normal Sunday. However we finally had an investigator and less active come to church. Her son is a member and our deacons quorum president. That was cool. We've been waiting for so long for that to happen. It's been such a long time for me. We have plans to go teach her this week and learn more about their family.  After church we just sat around and slept. Beall still wasn't feeling 100% so we took a little break again. It was nice to rest. I still haven't been feeling great since I got sick too. 

Monday. We had a good day. We went to play basketball again. Kochevar, Beall and I went to the temple site to play. We had some pretty good games and a fun time. Wallin came again which made me pretty happy. I miss that kid. I see him almost every week but I miss him. We have a good time when we get together. After ball we went home, showered, and took off to the mall for lunch. After the mall we came here to the cafe. 

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