Tuesday, September 8, 2015


On Monday evening we got home really late from the internet cafe so we decided it was best to just chop (eat) and then head to bed early for the night. So that is exactly what we did. We had a wonderful dinner of bread and egg and then showered in a bucket and went to bed. Don't worry it was a hot shower in a bucket, I boil the water for my showers so they are warm. 

President Hill has stressed study a lot recently and said that nothing should cut into study time. If we have something extra that needs to be done it should come out of proselyting hours instead of our study. We focused a lot on our study and it was really awesome to see the difference that it made in our mindsets. 

On Wednesday the APs came to pick up Elder Kabwika, for an emergency transfer.  We had a really hard time saying goodbye to him. Kabwika has been such a great example to me and I look up to him so much. He went to Asamankese which is kind of in the bush. After he was gone we had zone training. The zone leaders taught us a lot of great things that i'm, really hoping to apply in my teaching from now on. After that we taught a few lessons and then went and picked all of my new clothes from the tailor. I had multiple shirts there and 3 pairs of pants that I purchased here for almost nothing. Now my clothing fits in with everyone here and I look extremely sharp.  After that we taught Davis and Stella. Davis is 9 so we brought his a Book of Mormon Stories book to start reading. While we were there I heard a voice telling me to show him the index of the book so he could look things up that he wanted to know. After the lesson I told McConkie thank you for giving me the idea but he had no clue what I was talking about. I don't know where the voice came from but I have a really good idea and I know the spirit is there and that it can speak with any of us. 

Thursday was a super crazy day for teaching and we found ourselves really busy. We contact a lot with the Book of Mormon and with all the contacting that we got in we gave out a ton of them. Our plan is to get as many out in our area as we possibly can because if someone has the Book of Mormon and they don't progress we feel better about dropping them. At that point they have it in their home and maybe somewhere later in time someone will see the book and want to read it and then they can contact the missionaries. That is the theory we have and we also enjoy the power that it adds to our teaching throughout the day. We also helped the ward mission leader to plan the baptism for Kofi Asare, an older gentleman who was dropped by the missionaries who we have been recently teaching again.  That was a cool meeting because the ward mission leader himself is a recent convert. It was a great day for us. 

On Saturday evening was the baptism of Kofi Asare. He brought his wife to it which was super cool. The baptism went great and the speakers all did a fantastic job so we were pleased with it all. Afterwards we wanted to drain the font but there was a man there who was bugging us and we weren't able to. Instead we settled for practicing the piano and eating bread and egg. Back at the apartment we shopped for Sunday and then headed to bed. 

It was fast Sunday which is always a struggle for us as missionaries. At church we had the confirmation for Kofi Asare and he was also given the Aaronic Priesthood and ordained a priest. It was really cool and he brought his daughter Gifty to see it all.   After that we went out proselyting and we did so without eating which was probably the stupidest thing we could ever do. Proselyting while starving is a bad idea. 

On Monday we got up early and left for the temple site today. Elder McConkie had to be there to renew his Non-Citizen ID card because they expire after a year. After we did that we hung out on the temple grounds while we waited for the office elders to finish whatever they were doing.  After that we caught a tro-tro back to Lapaz and did a bunch of shopping in the market there. We bought some new ties and I purchased some really cool sandals that are Birkenstocks. Everyone back home should be really jealous because they were less than $10. After shopping we spent multiple hours walking around trying to find an internet cafe but since there was no light in our area there weren't any around. We finally found one but it's getting really late and it's dark out so we need to start working our way home. 

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