Monday, September 28, 2015

Journal Entry: September 25, 2015

Perry and I were together for the entire day to proselyte in his area.  Elder Perry is from the same MTC group as me and both of us have been on a mission for only two months.  Our lack of experience showed when all of our morning apointments fell through and we were left to contact for almost three hours.  We ran into trouble with our bikes and with the rain that came.  We took lunch and tried to regroup for the afternoon.  We said an earnest prayer for help and shortly afterward, we met an awesome member.  He took us to see multiple investigators and by the time it was dark we had just had four member present lessons.  It really was a miracle and it was very much needed at the time.  After he left all our evening appointments again fell through and all we could do was head back to the apartment.  Its amazing how God can send you one person that can make such a difference in the way your day goes.  Just having the member present in the lessons brought a different spirit that we couldn't provide on our own.  Working with someone on the same level as me was such an awesome experience and we worked so well with each other.  It seems that we will have the chance to teach together like that all the time and I can only hope that we will be helped by the Lord again, because in the end this is his message and I'm just his mouthpiece.

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