Monday, August 31, 2015

Journal Entries...

August 22, 2015

I believe in miracles.  Today I witnessed a miracle that prior to my mission I would have never categorized as a miracle.  It was ward temple day today and everyone was planning on going to do baptisms or a session.  We were involved in helping some recent converts prepare to go.  Josephine, one of our recent converts, had never been so we really wanted to get her there.  We went to pick her up and found she wasn't ready.  She rushed to get herself and her 2 children ready.  She had no one to watch them and we aren't allowed to babysit for anyone.  As we traveled to the church we made many phone calls and offered many prayers.  Just before Josephine and the other members had to leave we found out the primary president was just at home and willing to watch the kids.  It was incredible to see that when faith is exercised, God will open up paths for you and give you opportunities to do his work.  I hope to stress the importance of recognizing miracles and God's hand in everything to my future and present families.  That is something I lacked before I left, the vision to see how blessed I really was and how much I rely on God in my daily life.

August 27, 2015

Each Day in Ghana brings something new and unexpected to us as missionaries.  Today brought us a slow morning but an exciting afternoon and evening.  We went to see a recent convert of ours who had traveled to Kumasi.  We found out that while there he had been in a motorcycle accident and that just a few days later he came home and immediately went to the temple and did baptisms for the first time.  You could see something in him had changed after going to the temple and he even showed us his journal entry about the visit.  After him we went to see an investigator of ours who at first seemed only politely interested but is becoming more serious.  We ended up teaching a different lesson than we had planned because of his questions.  Our next stop was a 16 year old boy named Albert.  We caught him as he was leaving for an activity at his church but he stopped to learn with us instead.  He is training to be a pastor and when he didn't come tonight his senior pastor came looking for him.  When he found us he had many questions and Albert ended up testifying to him about the truth of the Book of Mormon and our teachings.  The spirit was very strong and you could see it working in Albert.  After the lesson his mother was very sick and we gave her a blessing to help her feel better.

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