Monday, August 17, 2015

Week Whatever it is...

Monday evening everyone in the apartment totally spaced on getting a FHE with a member or recent convert so we had apartment family home evening. Basically that means we give a lesson and then we play games and have treats of fresh pineapple juice which can be purchased about 30 feet from our front door for all of $0.30 a bottle. We played memory and yes I won every single game of memory we played. After that it was off to bed for what little sleep we had left.

 We were really quite busy on Tuesday. We taught 7 lessons and 6 of them were to new people. Contacting here basically consists of you walking in to somebody's home, sitting down, and asking for water all without ever knocking on the door. Grandpa talked about how hard it was for missionaries in England to get inside but here if you wanted you could sit down with 15 new people a day. One man that we taught is named Edmond. This was our first visit to him and he offered us fufu once we were done. He was really impressed that I didn't chew the fufu like Elder McConkie does because I've only been here for a little while. Edmond is really good and we have now taught him a few times. He asks a lot of questions which is unusual for people here. We also met a few other good investigators that day including Stella and Davis. Davis is 9 but he is the most spiritual person that my companion and I have ever met in our lives. He came up to us and asked for a Book of Mormon without us doing anything. After that lesson we went and got pizza at a great pizza place by us. I don't even like pizza but here it is the most beautiful food ever. 
Real Fufu (hands and all!)
Wednesday is the day we have district council meeting and my companion is the district leader. That was in the morning and then we went out proselyting that afternoon. We taught a few cool people but we didn't have much time. Coordination was early that evening and it went for a very long time. It's supposed to last for 30 minutes but we were there for almost 3 hours because the ward missionaries are not serious at all. We missed all of our evening appointments and had to reschedule them for Thursday evening. 

Thursday right as we got ready to leave the apartment after all of our studying, the plumber showed up. He was there to work on a few things that were wrong with the filter and with the toilet. He was there for over 3 hours and we didn't get to go out teaching until 2:30. It's weird how I used to think that the missionary schedule could be followed eactly but I'm slowly learning that there is no possible way for that to happen any day. We taught an investigator of ours who is a young man and he had a gospel doctrine manual that is 20 years old. We think that someone in that family is a less active member from a long long time ago. After that we had some good luck with people keeping their appointments and we were able to see 8 people. The last one we saw is a member named Ken. He bought us food that reminded me of top ramen and he bought us drinks. Elder McConkie told him to get me a malt drink which come to find out is non-alcoholic beer made by Guinness. It was so nasty. Don't ever drink even fake beer. 

Friday started a tough stretch of days for us where we didn't see many people and we were unable to contact effectively. We were also approached by some people who had received a good education and had also received a little too much to drink. That resulted in a bashing of the church and the offering of beer to us afterwards as a show of friendship. When we refused, they became angry and we quickly left the situation. Not a very good day so I'll just move on. 

Saturday started out with cleaning the nastiest gutters you could ever imagine. I'm pretty sure I lost about 10 years of my life in the half hour we were there. The whole ward was involved and we had a good time interacting with all of them. Afterward we taught a bunch of our new investigators that we have and they all seem to be progressing fairly well. The only problem we have is that half the people we are teaching are leaving for school in Kumasi this week. We keep trying to get lessons lined up with our french speaking investigators but they all fall through and they fell through again. It's hard to get people to keep their appointments when no one here is worried about time. I'm not one to usually worry about time but here it is driving me crazy to not have a plan.

Ward Service project

 The Sabbath day is the busiest day for a missionary. We were supposed to pick up 3 different people for church and so we had to go on exchanges to do so. Only one ended up coming and he is a less active member. Elder Kabwika and I got to his house around 8:30 to find him in just his boxers still and it wasn't until 9:30 that he was ready to leave. We got to church at 9:45 and Kabwika missed giving the talk he was assigned for that day. Even though we were so late it was good to bring the less active man back because he had such a wonderful experience that he wants us to pick him up to come again next week. We were supposed to start a choir after church but the bishop didn't announce it. We, the missionaries, are going to start and run a ward choir to get the recent converts and investigators more involved. We had it all ready to go but no one knew about it so we had to set it for next week. We fasted for 24 hours because the bishop asked and it was brutal. By the time we were ready to eat food we didn't even want anything. After that every appointment we had fell through and we had to send numbers in. Once numbers were done it was too late to contact so we ended up staying at the apartment all afternoon and all night. we got a good jump on planning, took warm bucket showers, and caught up on sleep. 

Monday is still the greatest day known to man even though most people would disagree. We went to the mall early today to get Elder McConkie new glasses only to find that they weren't open yet. We ended up going all the way back to our area to play basketball and soccer and then again making the trip to the mall. We had some awesome yet expensive Chinese food for lunch at the mall. There are so many white people at the mall that it was unnerving. White people are extremely scary to me now. We got back to our area to email to find that our internet cafe is down right now and that we needed to find a new one. And that brings you all up to date on what I am doing right here in Ghana.

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