Monday, June 26, 2017

Final Email....

June 20-26

Well it's been kind of a mellow week for Entsie and I. After the excitement of last week with the zone conference and seeing Kochevar and what not it was almost dull. Maybe it's me getting ready to go home too that's got me feeling this way but it's like my mind is no longer here. Entsie practically has to lead me by the hand everywhere I go otherwise I'd forget what I was doing. My main focus now is on the 4 people we are preparing for baptism. We have Yaw and Gladys being prepared for this Saturday, the 1st. Both are super prepared to make these covenants and I'm so excited that I'll be here to see them do so. The others are Sampson and Felecia, a young couple that came to the church on their own. They will be baptized on July 8th, the week after I'm gone. I'm not mad though, I'm just glad I had the chance to work with them and get them to this point. Honestly that's all I have for you this week. Too many thoughts and feelings to make sense of them all and write something even remotely cohesive. This is my last email though. I'll see you all at home in about a week.

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