Thursday, June 8, 2017

Baptisms and buckets....

May 30-June 5

Honestly there isn't much to say about this week. We just kinda did our thing all week already taught people. There were a couple highlights though. On Tuesday we had interviews with President Simpson. Since I'm going home this transfer, he felt it alright to impart upon me his secret plans for the next 3-4 transfers. He's got some great ideas too. Also it appears that my companion, Entsie, will be training either this transfer or the next. I couldn't be happier for him. If anyone deserves to train its Entsie. He has more heart than anyone I've ever met and he will do great things. Also it appears that over the next 3 transfers over a third of the mission will be going home and being replaced. Pretty exciting stuff that I won't see. Another highlight of the week was we finally were able to track down a referral that we received a while back. Her name is Gladys Amponsah. Her son, Emmanuel, is a member in our ward and told us we need to baptize his mother. Turns out she has been attending church for the last 5 months or so and no one knew she wasn't a member. So we are planning on getting her baptized on the 24th of June. Other baptisms we have planned are Dzifa and Milady on the 10th, Sarah and Yaw Henaku on the 17th, and Sampson and Felecia on the 1st of July or the 8th of July. If it's the 8th then I'll miss them by just 4 days but that's not what matters,right? I just want to get them baptized and then eventually sealed (Sampson and Felecia are married) and then they can raise their kids in the church. I know Entsie will make it happen if I can't. The next highlight is that we got everything set for Dzifa and Milady to be baptized on Saturday. We were worried about it a little but it all came through alright and the bishopric has been extremely helpful. 
And for the last highlight, today we went to play basketball. Wallin and I ended up on the same team some how and the results were catastrophic....for everyone else. I don't know what happened but everything we threw up seemed to go in. I took some crazy 180 fadeaway 3 pointer with 2 defenders in my face and it still went in. Talk about a heat check. Anyways, we play winner stays when we play, we never lost. 2 hours later we were still winning and we only gave up the court when we decided it was time to rest for 5 minutes before our next win. I guess you could say that life is just great right now and I'm in quite a euphoric state. Just trying to make the most of my last few days in Ghana whether that's soaking people or getting buckets with Wallin. Well that's my week so I love you and I'll talk to you next week.

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