Monday, November 9, 2015

Unexpected Change....

The following is a link to an article in the Deseret News about Kaden's mission president and the unexpected passing of his wife.

Yesterday was Stake Conference which was at the Ghana Conference Center. Elder Curtis of the presidency of the seventy was in attendance and he took the 2 stakes in attendance, and split them to make 3 stakes. We are part of that new stake that they made and as a result of it, our mission picked up two new areas from the Accra mission. It was super cool to be a part of that event and to get to see Elder Curtis there. President Hill also spoke and did a wonderful job as usual. Afterwards he had a meeting with all of us missionaries that were in attendance and talked about how things were going to go with the new stake that was formed. He also informed us that Sister Hill wasn't in attendance because she was feeling a little bit under the weather that day. On Monday we woke up to the news that Sister Hill had passed away sometime during the night. We don't know how or why or anything but she did pass away. That gave a depressing mood to the day and we didn't know what to do.  We went to the new Shoprite right by our area. We went and picked up things to make french toast and have ice cream and even hung out with Elder Paddon for a little while. We then went back to the apartment and made 2 full loaves of bread into french toast and ate until we were sick. Then we pulled out the ice cream and ate that until we were sick. It was a nice change since my entire week had been difficult and tough. I hope things turn out ok and that President Hill is alright. Sorry for this being short this week but it hasn't been the best or most exciting week for me.  

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