Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day and Baptisms....

May 9-15

Hey guys. Happy Mother's Day. Another great week here in the Mamponse 1st ward. Highlight of the week was the 3 baptisms that we had. We baptized an older lady named Peace and her two grand sons, Francis and Sheriff. Peace's adopted daughter is a member in our ward and has been telling Peace to come to the church for a while. She decided it was finally time and now she's baptized a mere month later. She is the sweetest old lady ever. We have another baptism coming up this next Saturday too. It's for a man named Nana. He has been dealing with kidney failure for the last 7 years and through his trials he decided that what he needed was salvation, not money. And so here he is, ready to make this step in his life and perform this ordinance. We are super excited for him as well. We have some fantastic people we are working with right now. A lot of them are progressing very fast and will be ready for baptism soon. However, with the current baptisms, we are still looking out for more people to teach to keep us busy. Basically things are going great right now. Finishing off the last of my mission as strong as I can. That's about all, sorry this is so short. Also it was so awesome to talk to everyone yesterday. Again, happy Mother's Day to everyone

Celebrating with real pizza!!

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