Monday, March 27, 2017

Funerals, firesides and goats....

Someone's goats got into our compound.

Elder Gurr takes down one goat!

Finally free!
March 21-27

Well, another busy week here in Mamponse. We had a multi zone conference and a funeral that we attended. The funeral was for this really old guy, Brother Tokoli. He was making ties for us when he died and so we felt like we needed to go support the family. We were pretty good friends with him. The funeral was interesting, actually it was my first funeral in Ghana. I've never had someone I know here die while I was around. I can say I'm blessed in that regard. Although I did find out a while back that my recent convert in Amasaman had died. Anyways, it was a good service. We also had a sweet zone conference. We learned a lot from President Simpson. He taught us about attitude adjustments. He said that sometimes things will go great for us. The work will be sweet, everyone will want to get baptized, and you can just sit back and enjoy it. In fact, he said that was what will happen if you go to Buduburam. He's not wrong. But he said that other times you'll have to struggle and fight to even find anyone to teach. He said that is when we can choose to change our attitude and to work harder, then things will start to work for us. It was a wonderful lesson. The rest of our week went well. We saw everyone that we are preparing for baptism but we received bad news. Peace will not be baptized until the end of April. She's going to be gone every Saturday and Sunday for the next 3 weeks. Mary has not come to church in 3 weeks now. She also seems less interested in learning with us. We are worried about her. Emmanuel we will baptize on the 15th of April because of some stake activities he'll be going to. All of these people were supposed to be baptized this coming Saturday so we are really sad about that. But We met some new people as well. Two young guys from Nigeria, Frank and Henry. They're super sweet. We taught Frank on Saturday for the first time and he came to church on Sunday. He already told us he knows the church is true and wants to join but we are worried he might be moving soon. That would be sad. We haven't met with Henry yet though, that will be Tuesday. We also had a missionary fireside. Elder Gurr and I taught it. It was more like a midweek activity but we had 40+ people there. That's more than come to sacrament meeting on time. We shared some Mormon messages and talked about ways that the members could share the gospel with others and then be an example of that gospel. It was super cool. That was on ThursdayOn Friday, we taught the mission preparation class. That was really fun to do. We have a lot of youth that are getting ready to serve missions. Our ward will probably send out 5-10 missionaries in the next year or two. I enjoyed myself this week, we had fun and did some good. Anyways that's about it. Hope you all have a great week too.

Glad these bugs don't live in Utah.

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