Monday, January 11, 2016

This week..

Elder Goodrich & Kochevar at the temple
Right now we have only one investigator in our area right now. That makes it hard to teach people and have people progress. On Monday we ended up struggling through the day until we could go and see a recent convert and this one investigator that we have. At 6:00 we had coordination with the ward mission leader. We got there to find that they had released the old ward mission leader and called a new one. We had only met with the old one once in the last 3 months. This new guy shows promise and I think he'll be able to help us a lot. 

On Thursday, Kochevar and Uzoho went off to meet the new mission president while Martineau and I went out to teach. Our first lesson was with a young woman they contacted last Saturday who came to church on Sunday. We ended up spending almost 2 hours teaching Janet. She is a 23 year old nursing student. She is possibly the best investigator that I've ever had the chance to teach. She had so many questions for us and really wants to know more about the church. I'm really hoping that she'll get baptized because even just after that first meeting you can tell that she's ready. When we finished teaching her we went and saw a really old guy in Martineau's area. While we were teaching him we got a phone call from Kochevar and Uzoho telling us they were locked out. They were really smart when they left and didn't take a set of keys with them. Unfortunately for them our area is very large and they had to wait for us to finish teaching, make the 30 minute bike ride home, and buy food on the way back. 

On Friday we went out to see a recent convert, Kwasi. We taught him and set up appointments to come back and teach him, his wife, and his neighbor with a member on Saturday. After we set it up with Kwasi we went to see Matilda and ask her to come teach with us. She agreed and so after a little chatting we went off to teach Delali, another family of investigators. Her family always welcomes us in and she cooks food for us. So once we taught her, we watched soccer with her sons while she made us rice and stew with chicken. 

On Saturday we participated in a baptism for the other elders in our apartment.  Afterwards we went out teaching with a member and also joined Elder Martineau and Uzoho  teaching another lesson. After that we went on home and got ready for bed. We slept in light off (no power) tonight for the first time almost 2 weeks. It was miserable. 

On Sunday we got to the chapel to find that Elder and Sister Keele were attending our ward this week. They were on their way to Abomosu and since its a 3 hour drive through the bush, they stopped at our sacrament meeting instead of leaving earlier to make it to Abomosu in time. Martineau got a phone call from President Snow saying that he is leaving for Winneba on Tuesday to be a senior companion. Asumani is also leaving for Winneba, on the coast.  

The APs called this morning to say that I am now going to be in Asumani's area and Uzoho and Kochevar will be companions starting tomorrow.  Regular transfers are in a week so hopefully I get a sweet companion that I can have fun with. As for now though, I am senior companion. That was really our only excitement today. We hung out with the other missionaries and got some food and then we just sat and talked for an hour or so. It was a blast. Now we are here at the cafe doing our thing. Later tonight we have a family home evening with some recent converts. 

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