Monday, December 14, 2015

In the village with Kochevar

Elder Goodrich, Taylor, Kochevar & Stradling

 Transfer day is finally here and I can't tell you how excited I am to be getting a new companion. My last few months with my companion haven't been the easiest for me even though I did enjoy my time with him. My new companion that I'm getting though is one of my favorite people in this mission and most likely the next AP when Elder Gabriel goes home. Transfers was full of excitement as everyone showed up and met and took pictures and basically just acted like a bunch of teenage white girls meeting at a Starbucks. Once back at the apartment I helped Kochevar unload all of his stuff and get settled in before we went out for the evening. We just went out to see recent converts and members so that he could learn the area better and meet a few people. I am excited about the work and the possibilities for our area.  The people here have some of the most humble and pure testimonies that I have ever heard in my life.  The church is the same but the people and place are kind of peculiar.  The Ghanian people are so sweet and accepting.  It has been an awesome and enlightening first few months here in ghana.  

 Much to our surprise this week, President Hill showed up to our Book of Mormon devotional. We had an awesome time with him and it was really cool to hear some of his insights and listen to him teach. We spent a lot longer than usual doing the devotional which was alright by me since it was such an awesome one. After we finished he requested to talk with Kochevar and Uzoho alone so they went to talk with him while Martineau and I grabbed a quick snack. When they finished with him they came in and spent some time telling us what it was that he had said to them and instructed them on. Once they finished telling us everything we all went on out to teach. For Kochevar and I we spent the entire morning just contacting. We contacted for 3 straight hours before we took a break for lunch. After lunch we went back out to teach some people and visit a few more members. We spent a good chunk of the evening with a member of the bishopric, Ben. He also happens to work for the mission and served in our mission just a few years ago. He's from Cape Coast. We had an awesome talk with him about the mission and about being a missionary. When his wife, Pearl, got home she fed us a quick snack before we took off to go see a few more people.

 Today was totally chill! We slept in, cleaned the kitchen, showered, and then went to the mall to see all the other guys and buy some nice American food and donuts. After an awesome lunch of a double BBQ cheese beef burger with fries and a coke, we went to get ice cream as a treat, and then we went home. We dropped all of our stuff at the apartment and then came to the cafe to do some emailing. It's been an awesome, super chill day spent with Kochevar and Martineau. Not a bad start to the Christmas season!

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