Monday, October 12, 2015

This week.......

Kitchen Fun!
Elder Taylor and our investigators
Tuesday. Today I was able to study for almost three hours.  We then went out and taught some lessons to our investigators that we are preparing for baptism. After lunch we got back out and did some small contacting and were able to sit down with a few people. We even got the chance to teach a member's mom and brother.
Wednesday. We started the day off with Zone Training. Baguley, Taylor, and Uzoho went early for an earlier meeting so Perry, Asumani, and I met them later for the actual meeting. Uzoho, Taylor, and Kamisese all gave some awesome instruction and really got us pumped to go out and work hard. Taylor was the one that gave the most inspiring, work provoking instruction.  We got some good work in that afternoon and taught with a member. Our working was cut short by PEC which was really depressing. No one even showed up so the meeting was pointless. We then just rode back to the apartment and hung out for the evening. At that point Asumani, Uzoho, and Taylor all got into a debate involving some very deep doctrine. After an hour of trying to stay out of it I finally lost it and came in with some very powerful scriptures and some ideas that definitely felt inspired. All of them quickly accepted the ideas that I had brought and that ended the discussion right then. I felt kind of cool for the rest of the evening. 

A pet monkey?!
Thursday.  We spent most of the day in a really far part of our area, Amomoley. We finished out there right around the time it was getting dark and since we hadn't taken lunch it seemed like a good time. We went in for the night and did some studying.  
Friday. Book of Mormon devotional day. Perry was the one to lead it for us. Taylor and Uzoho weren't there because they went to visit the sisters and see how they are doing with their devotional and see how they are doing in their areas. The four of us left had an awesome discussion about the sacrament that lasted for over the hour we are allotted for the Book of Mormon devotional. It was such a spiritual discussion that we all enjoyed. After the devotional we took some pictures with Baguley because he goes home this next week. The weather was stormy so it made for some really cool pictures. As soon as we finished with pictures the storm hit us and we were trapped in the apartment because of the pouring rain. It rained from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon and it rained hard. When we were finally able to go out it was nearly impossible to bike because of the mud. We managed and Asumani and I, we were on exchanges, even made it out to the farthest part of their area. It was nice to be with someone that works hard again. We didn't get back until much later than usual and I came back feeling like I had accomplished something good.

Elder Goodrich and Elder Baguley

Saturday. Today I was back with Elder Taylor.  We got out and did some great work during the morning, even teaching multiple lessons with a member present. We spent the day in the farthest part of our area again and on our way back we stopped at a member's house just to visit. She ended up feeding us porridge which is some of the most bitter whatever it is that I have ever tasted. No amount of milk, honey, and sugar could ever fix the flavor of that porridge. We ended up spending multiple hours at the member's house and by the time we left it was getting dark. 

Sunday. We got transfer news just as we were getting ready to leave for church. Elder Perry is going to Oda, the bush, to be with another guy from our MTC group as co-equal companions. Elder Martineau, another from my MTC group, will be coming in to replace him. Asumani will be getting a new companion from the DR Congo and is becoming senior companion. Elder McConkie, my old companion, is going to become a zone leader in the Kaneshie zone. It's the largest zone in the mission so he's fairly worried about that. Other than that nothing big happened in the transfer this time around. We all had to rush to get to church but we were able to make it on time. The meeting was great and afterwards we all just milled around while Baguley and Perry went around taking pictures and saying goodbye to everyone they knew. It was back to the apartment for lunch and once there we ended up wasting way too much time. We had expected to have multiple lunch and dinner appointments but they all fell through so the six of us were stuck waiting around. Finally the time came to head to the one appointment we had left. She made us banku and a very very hot stew. Banku is just as heavy or heavier than fufu so we struggled eating and she just kept bringing more and more. It got so bad that when no one was looking, Uzoho started stuffing banku balls into his backpack so we wouldn't have to eat them. We made it through the meal and walked/rolled out of the house with much difficulty. We made it home really late and being so full, we all just crashed hard.
Banku balls and hot stew
Riding the Tro-Tro (aka bus)
Hanging at the Chicken Inn
Monday. With Perry leaving we decided it would be a good day for haircuts and a trip to Shoprite to pick up some stuff. We left early to head to Kamisese and Reeves' apartment to get haircuts. We were met there by McConkie and his companion Elder Mwanza. We all cut our hair and then ran out the door as fast as we could to get to the mall. At the mall we enjoyed some delicious, and expensive, chicken burgers from Chicken Inn. We then hit Shoprite so that Perry could gather a few supplies before he heads out to the bush. We got some great and very useful stuff before deciding it was time to head back home. We then came straight to the cafe so that we could email home and so that is where we are still. 

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